Spare the rod and get a rotund child

EAT your heart out Rocky Balboa! In scenes reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone’s epic workouts in the first Rocky film, a TikTok video has emerged showing a mother using unorthodox methods to spur her chubby son into some physical activity.

One could imagine hearing the strains of Survivor’s epic gym anthem Eye of the Tiger playing in the background.

The video uploaded by TikTok user Fahrin Jefrey had netizens in stitches as his captions in Bahasa Malaysia stated that eventually the young man will see the rewards of his mother’s perseverance.

@saysdotcom A video posted on TikTok shows a Malaysian mother wielding a cane while riding a red kapcai alongside her teenage son, who is jogging on the pavement, holding a towel as he pushes himself to exercise. The clip has gone viral since it was posted earlier this month, attracting almost a million views. As of this writing, it has over a thousand comments, with many praising the mother. In the comment section of the video, one user philosophised that to achieve something, we must work hard. Another comment said that one day, the son will “definitely” thank the mother for pushing him in such a manner. #news#kapcai#parenting#jogging#Kampar#trending#viral ♬ original sound – saysdotcom

In a recent FocusM article, it was asked if corporal punishment was still relevant today. Many comments indicated that it was still an acceptable form of discipline with similar sentiments being echoed in this video.

The video purportedly shot in Kampar, Perak shows a slightly chubby boy trudging along the sidewalk while his mother “coaxes” him with a rotan whilst riding a scooter alongside.

Perhaps the young man had been advised that he needed to shed some pounds for medical reasons.

Fed up with his inactivity, his mother took matters into her own hands. This is purely conjecture but something many parents can relate to. With many young ones turning into gaming chair-potatoes as they stay glued to the internet, many parents must be wondering how they can get them outdoors for some perspiration.

Well, this Kampar mum has shown the way, and FocusM is looking forward to seeing more videos of the same ilk being posted. Perhaps this time, the videos can have Eye of the Tiger as background music. – Oct 5, 2023

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