Starlink deployed in Sabah, the internet remembers Veveonah

IT’S been more than three years now since a TikTok-using schoolgirl became a star in the country overnight during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. She received a massive backlash altogether from the then communications deputy minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin who attacked her publicly over her stunt to climb trees to get internet access for her exams.

Today, the current Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil posted about the installation of a Starlink internet system in a location in Sabah.

(Thank God, with the installation of Starlink two months ago, more than 500 residents in the local area have benefited.

(I have announced to residents that the Starlink installation is only an interim step. This morning I checked Starlink’s speed myself in Kampung Langsat, Ranau. Before this, there was no internet connection or telecommunications in this area.)

Netizen @mutalibuthman celebrated the memory of the young student, Veveonah and thanked the minister for his action to get internet to remote areas.

(I remember in 2020, Veveonah climbed a tree in her village in Pitas to get internet access. The then-deputy minister belittled her, saying Veveonah did it just for content.

(In 2023, thankfully, with an intelligent minister, Starlink was installed so people don’t have to climb trees to get internet access anymore.)

According to Fahmi in a recent media report, the Communications and Digital Ministry will start the second phase of the Starlink satellite device installations at nine locations in Sabah in January next year.

He noted that the installation will be carried out under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and one of the locations will be Inanam. – Oct 29, 2023

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