Staving off Emergency declaration is good for democracy

THE Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center) denounces the move by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in calling a “medical emergency” to combat COVID-19, as it is a desperate attempt by his unelected administration to stay in power, and a misuse of the powers granted to the position of Prime Minister.

C4 Centre also lauds the decision of the King yesterday, that there is no need for the declaration of an emergency to combat COVID-19 in Malaysia.

In a statement issued by the Royal Comptroller, it was noted that the upcoming Budget 2021 is more crucial than ever, as it will allow front-liners to continue their work.

His Majesty had also called for any politicking that will affect the running of the country to be stopped immediately as that remains the primary reason behind the upsurge in COVID-19 numbers.

“(We) support this call, agreeing fully that parliamentary democracy must go on and that the running of the country should not be halted due to the actions of politicians looking to hold on to their power by abusing it,” the C4 Centre said in a statement yesterday.

It also calls for Parliament to perform its true function as a legislative check and balance, and for MPs to actively and fully participate in addressing the issue of Budget 2021, which is a matter on the minds of Malaysians in this time of uncertainty.

“We would like to express its concerns over the possibility of horse trading in order to buy cooperation, especially in light of the option for Muhyiddin to forge a confidence and supply agreement,” it said.

“A guarantee that this will not happen would be a start towards further transparency in the governing body of Malaysia,” it added. – Oct 26, 2020

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