“Stop looking at the Chinese like they are enemies to Malays,” Anthony Loke tells Hadi

By Jason Yeo

PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang should stop looking at the Chinese in the country as if they are enemies to the Malays, said DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

In a video uploaded onto his TikTok account, Loke said similarly, the Malays are not enemies to the non-Malays.

“The Malays are losing power? They said there is a threat from the non-Malays. Today the PAS president said the upcoming state elections is ‘jihad’ and that they want to fight,” Loke, who is also the Transport Minister, told a crowd in the video.

“But fight who? We are all Malaysians, right? There is no problem, we are together. I am a candidate even though I’m Chinese. Sitting in front of me are Malay voters, but does this mean I am your enemy?”

“Are you my enemy? There is no need. Why do we have to be enemies with each other? Today we bring collaboration in the government to being good (for all).”

@anthonyloke “Nak lawan siapa? Hari ini Cina bukan musuh kepada Melayu, Melayu bukan musuh kepada Cina. Kita sama-sama rakyat Malaysia” #MalaysiaMadani #anthonyloke #kerajaanperpaduan #malaysiaboleh #DemiPertiwi #menangbersama #kitaboleh ♬ Desce Pro Play (PA PA PA) – ZAAC & Anitta & Tyga

Loke’s response came following Hadi’s claims in a Facebook post yesterday (Aug 6) that Muslims are obligated to vote as it is akin to “jihad” (or holy struggle) when other ethnic groups are threatening the political dominance of the majority group in Malaysia.

Ahead of this weekend’s six state polls, the Islamist party president again exhorted Malay-Muslims to vote from their own group in order to keep Muslims in power in the country.

In an opinion piece on social media, Hasi said when Muslims are in a position where they have to “compete” with other races that are “clearly challenging the political forces of Muslim” then voting is a “fardhu ‘ain jihad” that becomes mandatory for every Muslim to perform.

Fardhu ‘ain refers to obligatory acts that must be performed by each Muslim, rather than observing it as a community.

He also said negligence in carrying out this duty of voting can cause the loss of political power of Muslims and therefore resulting in them being humiliated in this world and the thereafter. – Aug 7, 2023


Main pic credit: Utusan Malaysia

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