Student body raises netizen ire for protesting gender-segregated gyms at public uni

A STUDENT body representing mainly non-Muslim students at a public university has come under severe fire for barking up the wrong tree and for bellowing in the wrong language.

The short clip shows a student speaking in Mandarin registering his vehement protest at the university’s policy of having gender-segregated gymnasiums. He claimed that this was yet another sign of increased conservatism creeping into public institutions, arguing that an anti-sexual harassment bill would have been more appropriate.

As highlighted on MYNEWSHUB’s X (formerly known as Twitter) page, the outburst has met with plenty of negative comments.

For starters, many netizens questioned why the ‘protest’ and statement were being made in Mandarin when the issue involved a public institution.

However, many felt that this ‘protest’ was xenophobic in trying to drape the issue with religious overtones.

There was an overwhelming number who believed that it was the right move to provide ladies with a safe and comfortable space for them to exercise in peace, away from prying eyes. Some even questioned the real motive for the protest.

One netizen (on another site where this video was shared) challenged the protestors to put the issue to a poll, confident that most female gym users would be in favour of such a move.

Some netizens chided the protestors for harping on a non-issue, further asking what the point of making the statement in Mandarin was if it was aimed at the university’s higher-ups.

Yes, it is acknowledged that universities should allow freedom of speech, including the right to protest. These places of higher learning should be the breeding grounds for intellectual thought, but in this instance, the protestors are way off the mark.

To claim that this move to gender segregate is making the university “a breeding ground for extremism” is ludicrous and absurd. By that logic, these protestors should also be protesting about the women-only carriages on MRT, right?

Some netizens opined that the young man in the video seemed primed for a career in Malaysian politics, given his aptitude for fanning 3R flames or a non-issue.

They make a good point. He would definitely fit perfectly in today’s political landscape. – Jan 31, 2023



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