Survey: Despite risk of recession, most singles in Malaysia financially stable

A NEW survey found that most singles (74%) in Malaysia consider themselves financially stable to date while some 26% said they do not, highlighting the impact financial lockdown has had on Malaysian dating preferences and behaviour amid a looming global recession.

This was revealed by Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company Lunch Actually, which polled over 2,300 singles in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan earlier this month to get insights into their dating outlook, behaviour, financial situation and life priorities this year.

“Coming out of the (COVID-19) pandemic this year, it has been challenging for most of us as we are now facing financial uncertainty,” said Lunch Actually CEO and co-founder Violet Lim in a statement today.

“However, our survey has shown that for most singles in Malaysia, price increases have not impacted much on their dating life: many singles in Malaysia who are financially stable are prepared and ready to find the love of life, even as there is a risk of a global recession in 2023.”

Amid the current financial uncertainty, 48% of singles surveyed by Lunch Actually said it is important to know their partner’s financial situation once they get into a relationship; however, it does not necessarily mean that singles are focusing on only having financially stable partners. 

“The survey proves that 55% of singles will still consider going on a second date based on how well they get along during the first date, and 28% say the date partner’s character matters more than their employment status,” said Lunch Actually.

Interestingly, Lunch Actually’s Annual Singles Dating Survey 2022 also found that 62% of singles surveyed still believe that the man needs to pay for dates (keeping to age-old chivalry but not with the times). In comparison, only 22% of singles agreed to split the bills.

Violet Lim (Photo credit: ConnectOne)

The survey also revealed the timeframe of when singles are looking to escalate their relationship to the next level: 38% of singles surveyed indicated they would decide to date someone exclusively after three to four dates; 48% of singles believe they need to meet or date two to four people before finding their life partner and; 60% of singles would get married or settle down after one or two years of a relationship.

No sex before marriage?

“Compared to all the countries we surveyed, Malaysia is one of the highest percentages of singles who do not believe in sex before marriage, at 30%,” Lunch Actually added. 

“At the same time, 50% of singles would choose to have sexual intimacy with someone only after they are dating exclusively.”

Despite their desire to find love, singles still face many challenges when it comes to dating and finding their special someone – 64% of singles surveyed have not gone on a first date in the last 12 months, which is the second highest among all countries surveyed.

The survey also shows that 45% of singles got more frustrated while using dating apps; 64% of singles have been approached or contacted by a scammer; 58% have been approached or contacted in a way that made them feel uncomfortable; 41% have been catfished while 61% have been ghosted on dating apps.

Lunch Actually noted that while online dating may be convenient, it can be frustrating because singles will never know whether the other person they’re talking to online is the person they claim to be.

With Lunch Actually, however, a completely offline service, clients can feel safe and secure because they meet and screen each member in person and verify their identities before signing them up and sending them out on dates.

“We also help handpick the most suitable match for each client so you don’t waste a lot of time and effort screening through unsuitable matches like other online dating services,” it added.

As a professional dating agency, Lim said her company is always concerned about singles’ safety, and with this survey results, Lunch Actually feels the responsibility to create a safer platform for singles to support their journey to find love in a safe and conducive environment. – Nov 24, 2022


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