Survey: Malaysia is cheapest country for Michelin-starred dining

NEW research has revealed the cheapest countries for Michelin-starred dining and Malaysia has come out on top, beating out the likes of Macau, Japan and the Netherlands.

The study, conducted by Spin Genie, also looked at the most affordable and most expensive countries for Michelin-starred dining as well as the most popular Michelin-starred restaurants.

Malaysia serves up some of the best value Michelin-star restaurants in the world, scoring 7.5/10, the lowest compared to all other countries, with the study further revealing that Kuala Lumpur has the most Michelin establishments, followed closely by George Town, Penang.

Scoring 7.85/10, Singapore is the second most affordable country for Michelin-starred dining, and is also in the top five with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000.

Although the country has many restaurants in the $$$$ price range, it also has lots in the $$$ and $$ price ranges, meaning there are restaurants to suit a range of budgets.

Though still in the top three most affordable countries for Michelin-starred dining, Hong Kong no longer takes the crown as the cheapest country for fine dining.

Now in third place with a score of 7.87 out of 10, Hong Kong still has a lot to offer food lovers, with 88 different high-quality, affordable Michelin-starred establishments to choose from.

However, in the past year, approximately 19 new restaurants have been awarded a Michelin star in Hong Kong. As a result, the average meal cost in the country has slightly increased (3%), implying that more high-end restaurants are making their way onto the scene.

Pushing Canada out of the top position with a perfect score, Finland is the most expensive country for Michelin-starred dining, with the majority of Michelin restaurants in the country in its capital city, Helsinki.

According to the survey, with 433 Michelin-starred restaurants in the most expensive price category, France is the country with the highest number of high-end “luxury” Michelin establishment.

Meanwhile, Japan is the best country for premium Michelin dining with 254 Michelin-starred restaurants in the ‘premium’ category with exceptional eateries in the country’s tourist hotspots including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. – June 14, 2024

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