Swee Bee square pineapple tarts: An ode to culture and heritage

SWEE BEE has introduced its square pineapple tarts that are instantly recognisable by the emblem imprinted on them.

However, what distinguishes Swee Bee pineapple tarts from the rest out there is not just its shape but also its meticulous attention to detail and not to mention, its irresistible flavour.

The tart’s size has been designed to provide a delightful mouthfeel. Its buttery pastry delicately dissolves, merging harmoniously with the sweet and tangy pineapple paste. What’s more, each tart contains an optimal amount of pineapple fibre, adding an extra layer of texture and a truly satisfying experience.

Drawing from his childhood memories, Swee Bee founder David Wong fondly recalled his grandmother calling him a “big mouth” due to his hearty appetite.

This memory sparked inspiration from the Chinese proverb “口大吃四方” (big mouth eat four corners) which in turn led to the creation of Swee Bee’s distinctive square pineapple tarts.

The proverb also carries a significant meaning which means one can find a career no matter where they are. Although the square pineapple tarts can be found in Taiwan, what makes Swee Bee’s tarts unique is the word “福” (fortune) embossed on them.

Explaining the inspiration behind the unique design, Wong said the inaugural run of Swee Bee’s pineapple tarts in 2010 had a festive touch, incorporating the Chinese ‘fortune’ character embedded on the surface of the tarts, specifically for Chinese New Year.

“By embossing the tart with ‘福’ (fortune), we created the first pineapple tart in Malaysia that is not only square but also carries a blessing for all who purchase or receive it as a gift,” he added.

Within the square shape tart, a circle encases the Chinese character “福” (fortune), which represents unity and reunion.

This concept is reflected in Swee Bee’s mission to bring people together from all corners of the world, celebrating the unity and shared prosperity found in Malaysia’s multicultural society.

More than just pineapple tarts

Swee Bee’s product range extends beyond pineapple tarts, including pineapple mooncakes, cookies, cakes, pineapple jam, Nanyang coffee, and more.

The brand is committed to offering high-quality, halal-certified products, with several ranges already Halal-certified, including pineapple tart, pineapple mooncakes, cakes, and espresso almond cookies.

Although pineapple tarts have a traditional connection to festive periods, Swee Bee holds the belief that blessings shouldn’t be confined to these occasions.

Embodying their philosophy of “Blessing Continues Beyond Festivities”, Swee Bee encourages customers to spread joy with their pineapple tarts all year round, be it for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or as tokens of appreciation.

As a testament to their commitment to excellence, Swee Bee was awarded the Gold Award in the Modern Freestyle 3D Cake category at the Malaysia Culinary World Cup 2023.

Their impressive cake design, themed “Ethnic Malaysia” showcased the intertwining cultures of Peranakan, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Iban, with pineapple tarts taking centre stage.

Swee Bee products are available from their website (www.sweebee.com.my) and on Lazada. Customers can also visit Swee Bee’s headquarters in Klang, where walk-ins are welcome. For more information about Swee Bee, call +6012-303 8686. – Aug 29, 2023

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