“Take clear stance on PJD Link issue,” PSM PJ tells govt

PARTI Sosialis Malaysia Petaling Jaya (PSM PJ) has expressed its objection to the Selangor state government’s decision to proceed with the Petaling Jaya Dispersal Link (PJD Link) elevated highway project upon reassessment of the proposed highway route.

PSM PJ said it is extremely dissatisfied with how the state government handled the objections from residents’ group, particularly the protest on Feb 22 in a forum attended by Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari.

“According to media reports, the Stakeholders cum Residents Against PJD Link (ScRAP) have, in the past, submitted numerous letters and four memorandums to the menteri besar’s office yet garnering zero reply,” it said in a statement on Tuesday (Feb 27).

“PSM would like to strongly remind that the Federal Constitution’s Article 10 upholds freedom of speech and expression.

“The act of confiscating the protesters’ banner(s) was uncalled and excessive. This is a major-scale project that will permanently alter the landscape and accessibility of the affected areas. The government should make an effort to meet with the people after they submit their protest memoranda.”

Recall that on July 30, 2023 Amirudin announced the cancellation of the highway construction, and two days following the announcement he stated that the project might be revived if the developer met the state’s conditions.

Last week, Scoop reported state infrastructure and agriculture exco Izham Hashim as saying that the PJD Link project has not been scrapped but delayed to allow for a realignment review especially for the affected areas.

On Feb 24, 2024 Amirudin announced that the PJD Link project must negotiate with the federal government if it wants to build the highway with a new route.

On this matter, PSM PJ said the situation is highly confusing and that the Selangor state government must take a clear stance on the issue.

“Does the Selangor state government support or oppose the construction of this highway, and do the elected representatives in the affected areas support it?” it asked.

“The state government must also explain why it is so difficult for them to cancel the highway project outright.

“The menteri besar himself stated that the Selangor state government received a Social Impact Assessment indicating that residents, except those in Taman Medan and Kinrara, do not agree with the construction of this new highway.

“Why does the government still need to propose and wait for reassessment?” – Feb 27, 2024


Main pic credit: Malaysia Bersuara

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