Tech industry unfazed by pandemic but security upgrade needed

AS the pandemic drags on, more enterprises are putting more focus on digital transformation and cloud security (79%), followed by threat and vulnerability research (62%) as well as risk and compliance (49%).

The data was derived from a survey comprising 2,064 business and IT decision-makers across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (AMEA), conducted by Trend Micro.

“The results are unsurprising to an extent, given how many companies have accelerated their digital transformation projects and migration to the cloud,” it said in a statement. “To survive is to innovate and take up new technologies.”

The respondents also identify with each other when it comes to the biggest pain points, with 32% saying that they mostly grapple with the inability to detect and respond to advanced threats, while 32% reveals that they lack security skills.

Other common challenges include getting cloud security automation and configuration right (31%), asking for more budget for cybersecurity (28%), obtaining complete visibility of threat vectors across the entire organisation (26%), and constantly having to justify cybersecurity investment (25%).

“When it comes to acquiring hands-on experiences, respondents are most looking forward to learning about automated security and compliance posture remediation (68%), indicating that many of them are already operating in the cloud environment and are dealing with misconfiguration-led cybersecurity issues,” the cybersecurity provider said.

“As a matter of fact, misconfigurations in the cloud are the primary cause of cloud-based cyberattacks.”

According to the survey, respondents are also interested in tackling real-life scenarios that pertain to web application protection and serverless security (63%), a sign that many of them are further along the cloud journey.

The third most sought-after hands-on topic revolves around deploying network-based virtual patches and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) (52%), showing that system vulnerabilities continue to be a major headache for security teams across the board.

“2020 is a year of profound challenges for enterprises. But on the bright side, companies are realizing their digital potential,” stated Trend Micro senior vice president (Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa) Dhanya Thakkar.

“The tech industry is one of the few that have not faltered under the weight of the pandemic. It goes to show the importance of technology in business operations,” he added. – Nov 21, 2020

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