“Terengganu MB’s SG4 is divisive,” say experts and netizens

WHILE PAS seems excited about the creation of a ‘State-Government 4’ or SG4 uniting the four states run by the Islamic party with former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as adviser, many are expressing their disagreement with these plans.Some are saying it is divisive and will create an entity that will supersede the role and interests of the federal government in these states.According to Scoop, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Razak Faculty of Technology & Informatics lecturer Associate Prof Mazlan Ali said the formation of this grouping is in opposition to the Federal government. It is a move that will isolate the four states altogether and also jeopardise relations with Putrajaya.Adding to the intensity of the debate is the role that Mahathir is supposed to play in the SG4. The PAS is saying Dr Mahathir’s extensive experience can help the four states under the auspices of Perikatan Nasional (PN) in the investment sector.Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar said that through the cooperation of the SG4, they can further strengthen the potential that exists in the four states.“Dr Mahathir also has a good relationship with foreign investors such as Japan, Korea and so on,” Sinar Harian quoted him as saying.He also said that Dr Mahathir ‘ordered’ them to be efficient, otherwise investors could run away.Meanwhile, netizens remain sceptical about Dr Mahathir’s ability to bring foreign investments into the PAS states.Twitter users have a different sentiment when it comes to this deal. They are unhappy with the steep division that is ongoing in the country. The general feeling among social media users is that Dr Mahathir should retire from the limelight and let the current generation of leaders sort themselves out.

Seemingly, users are also blaming the former prime minister for the lack of development in these states. Being the leader of the country for almost a quarter of a century, he wasn’t able to do much for these four PAS states.

Furthermore, will it be a strong possibility for him to pull in investments now that he is no longer the prime minister?Meanwhile, Twitter user The Az Report stated:

(You must be kidding. Why would these investors put their trust in an elderly mischiefmaker who stepped down on a whim which led to a catastrophic reaction? Investors would very much prefer level-headed leaders, not ones who are jealous. Move on, Dr Mahathir’s glory days are over.)

The wounds of the first Pakatan Harapan government collapsing in 2020 are still not healed among Malaysians. Many felt that what Dr Mahathir did was an utter betrayal of the people. – Sept 17, 2023


Main photo credit: Malay Mail

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