“That we don’t eat ‘bah kut teh’ doesn’t mean it can’t qualify as national heritage food”

IT can be very touching to have Muslim netizens hitting out at an opposition-slant influencer for snubbing the unity government by having acknowledged bah kut teh (herbal pork rib soup) as a national heritage food despite its non-halal status.

“An impressive move indeed by the unity government. Surely this is a proud moment, isn’t it @drakmalsaleh,” the self-proclaimed general litigation lawyer Solisidtor (@Solisidtor) had posted on X (previously Twitter) by tagging UMNO Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh.

The influencer’s reaction came about after heritage commissioner Mohamad Muda Bahadin officially declared the ‘controversial’ dish as part of the national heritage alongside 10 other food items.

Interestingly, some Malay Muslim netizens found the remarks of @Solisidtor to be a racist slur when he should be propagating national harmony in a multi-racial and multi-religious environment.

Few Malay Muslim netizens even berated @Solisidtor for forgetting that the Chinese are also Malaysian citizens.

Finally, nobody is asking him to consumer bah kut teh, hence assumption that he is influenced by the opposition to harp on racial issues to gain political mileage. – Feb 25, 2024

Main pic credit: Centro Mall Facebook

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