“The emotional toll of defamation on Hannah Yeoh, mother of two, is too much”

YOUTH and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh’s private secretary Nor Miswary Ramli has come to her defense amid accusations of evangelism and ministry misuse.Having worked with Yeoh for a decade, Nor Miswary stated that the DAP lawmaker has always respected Islam and never attempted to influence him towards her Christian faith.

Nor Miswary Ramli

“In this week alone, Yeoh has twice been the victim of malicious slander just because of the work she does as minister at the Youth and Sports Ministry.

“Knowing Yeoh, working and dealing with her since 2012, I have seen this little woman slandered and accused many times. How strong you look on the outside, sometimes also affects the body.“I admit, I am no exception and feel impressed to see him slandered like this. Suffering slander after slander, going on endlessly like this, no soul can bear it – not least this woman with two children,” Miswary wrote on her Facebook page.

Dalam seminggu ini sahaja, telah dua kali Hannah Yeoh menjadi mangsa fitnah jahat hanya kerana kerja-kerja yang beliau lakukan sebagai Menteri di Kementerian Belia dan Sukan.

Paling memalukan, tukang fitnah tersebut adalah mereka yang mengakui beragama Islam dan orang Melayu dari parti yang kononnya memperjuangkan bangsa dan mendakwa parti mereka berlandaskan agama.

Mengenali Hannah Yeoh, bekerja dan berurusan parti dengan beliau sejak tahun 2012 lagi, saya tidak pernah terlepas melihat wanita kecil ini telah difitnah dan dituduh dengan pelbagai gelaran yang keterlaluan, banyak kali. Betapa kuat yang kalian nampak di luar, kadang-kadang terkesan juga pada tubuh badan yang menanggungnya.

Saya akui, saya tidak terkecuali turut rasa terkesan melihat beliau difitnah begini. Derita fitnah demi fitnah, berterusan tanpa berkesudahan seperti ini, tidak ada jiwa yang mampu menanggungnya – tidak terkecuali wanita anak dua ini.

Nor Miswary expressed disappointment with the individuals spreading defamation. He was referring to PAS Kelantan Youth chief Mohamad Kamal Mohamed, who accused Yeoh of using her ministerial power to deny the state its right to host the Malaysian Games (Sukma) 2024. The accusation about Sukma has since been tagged as fake news.Nor Miswary also mentioned that he filed a police report against the PAS member for his comments against Yeoh, stating that his defense of Yeoh was not against a slanderer from PAS, but because she deserved to be defended.Yeoh recently faced accusations of running a “Christian evangelist” program, with Bersatu leader Badrul Hisham Shaharin making allegations online about Impact Malaysia’s “Project Artikel 11,” which included a “Jom Ziarah Gereja” programme. However, the agency, under Yeoh’s ministry, denied the claim.Yeoh emphasised in the Dewan Rakyat that no Muslim youths were involved in the program and advised Perikatan Nasional members to verify their coalition partners’ statements before making allegations. Yeoh and one of her officers have lodged police reports against Badrul and Kamal. — March 18, 2023


Main photo credit: Bernama

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