The future of Health Science: LifeWave introduces its brand of “Wearable Wellness”

WEARABLE technology breakthroughs have taken off on such a high growth trajectory that what was previously thought impossible in medical and wellness terms is now a reality.  

And, just when you think you’ve heard it all in terms of cellular cell performance products by way of drinking or application of products, enters LifeWave steps up to introduce its brand of “Wearable Wellness” with wearable patch-ons that harness your body’s power to stimulate stem cells. 

LifeWave’s innovation, backed by over 80 clinical studies, utilises phototherapy technology and a non-transdermal patch delivery system that harnesses the body’s regenerative power to support increased energy, better sleep, improved mental focus, and relief from minor aches and pains.  

LiveWave’s patented products employ nano-scale crystals and infra-red light to enhance stem cell activity to help the body repair and rejuvenate itself.  

“We’re an 18-year old company founded by an incredible scientist by the name of David Schmidt who is LifeWave’s founder, inventor, and CEO,” said LifeWave global sales and marketing president Lori Burgher. 

“David started the company because his passion is to create a health technology that will allow people to live longer. He has this vision that people will live far beyond 120 years old,” she said in an exclusive interview with FocusM.  

 “With the ‘patch-ons’, the light actually goes through your natural body to the copper peptides to strengthen your stem cells and rejuvenate them. And everyone, depending on what their body needs, will get a different type of benefit from it, depending on where you’re at and what you need,” she explains. 


With its current oldest user being 96 years old, the goal of LifeWave, Burgher added, is for people to live longer and healthier as per its tagline “Live long, live well”.   

Pivoting from the Pandemic 

The recent pandemic that paralysed world systems proved to be a double-edged sword of blessing with LifeWave’s commitment to science, innovation, and biologic benefits continuing to gain traction as the whole world looked to wellness. 

Securing its name as a cutting-edge health technology company, LifeWave turned crisis into opportunity, quickly solidifying its place as one of America’s fastest-growing privately held companies by again making the Inc. 500 list for 2021. 

According to Burgher, Schmidt chose direct sales to promote LifeWave because he was eager to share its benefits to a large audience worldwide.  

When LifeWave launched the latest breakthrough in X39® during the pandemic, he was so eager to share this with the people battling the pandemic that he gave away the products to over 300,000 people in the community. 

“I believe he chose the model of direct marketing as he saw this opportunity to activate the brand partners,” she added. 

According to Bergher, the company – headquartered in San Diego, California – grew exponentially in 2018 when it introduced X39® which placed it in a totally different level as stem cell regeneration.  

LifeWave Asia Pacific vice president Dr Edward Choo went on to share that this product breakthrough follows the earlier batches that Schmidt, being an owner in a company involved in developing survival equipment for the US Navy in the late 1990s until 2002 through government contractors, developed.  

As a result of his work, he was invited to be part of a design team for the Navy’s next generation mini-sub. This mini-sub was to be manned by Navy Seals, and a need existed to find a way to improve the energy and survivability of the crew without having to resort to drugs.  

The path towards direct marketing was natural, stemming from the success of the initial batches that he developed to boost the energy – which we call energy enhancers – and following the great response and good testimony from the Navy. 

“Over the years, Schmidt created different batches for energy and pain relief. In 2018, he introduced batches X39® that took LifeWave to a whole new level,” explained Dr Choo. 

“X39® that harnesses your own body power uses copper peptides that produces stem cells which relate to anti-aging and healing. Since then, the business just took off.”  

In 2004, Schmidt decided to set up LifeWave as a direct selling company which hit record sales with the most sales recorded anywhere in the world during the first month of the product launch.   

One of the first batches that LifeWave introduced was the energy enhancer. It was settled that direct marketing was the way to share with consumers by way of direct marketing via brand partners now being trained on how to share the products and to get testimonials back.  

Experimenting with specific types of organic sugars and amino acids, Schmidt created solutions composed of stereoisomers of L-amino acids and D-sugars capable of self-assembly into nano-sized crystals that when activated by body heat, emits specific wavelengths of infrared and visible light known to act through phototherapy and photo-biomodulation to produce physiological effects in both animals and humans. 

Fascinating technology  

LifeWave Malaysia country manager KC How opined that Malaysia is definitely a top market for LifeWave being ranked as one of the top 10 direct selling markets in the world. 

“When you look at the Asia Pacific as a region, we started out in Japan, and we have The Philippines market, Thailand and we have Malaysia. Coupled with infrastructure support, LifeWave’s desire is to reach a million homes,” he told FocusM. 

Malaysia, he said, is “a very good market to set up as people here are open, and they “don’t mind recommending good products to their friends and families”.  

“Malaysia has a population of over 30 million people and the population is looking for business models that work… They don’t mind investing in their health through innovative products,” he remarked. 

A long list of celebrities and brand ambassadors are among the users of LifeWave including Edwin Ng who the former national Malaysia champion cyclist (1994 and 1995), an iron man Asia Champion as well as Mariana Mohamad, an iron lady and gold medallist who both recorded impressive recovery after training sessions. – Oct 19, 2022 


Yvonne Yoong is Focus Malaysia’s contributing Editor, seasoned in covering the property beat & other industries.  

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia. 

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