The many benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle

AN active outdoor lifestyle has multiple benefits that will greatly improve our quality of life. However, too many remain glued to their mobile phones for hours on end, often using flimsy excuses to avoid getting fresh air or to work up a sweat.

There are numerous reasons why one should take time for outdoor activities: 

Better breathing 

Air pollution can trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. It might surprise people to learn that the concentration of air pollutants indoors is usually many times higher than outdoors. Thus, spending more time in natural green spaces could help lower your risk of respiratory problems.  

Improved sleep 

A person’s biological clock follows the sun. Hence, consistent exposure to natural sunlight will greatly improve your snooze time. It is important to note that light needs to enter your eyes to affect your circadian rhythm.   

Doing so regularly will improve the quality of your rest time as such a routine will make a person feel more tired at night. It will also reduce sleeplessness as it shortens the time taken to fall asleep. The best thing about this remedy is that it doesn’t cost a thing. A person just needs to step outdoors for a dose of natural sunlight.  

Mental equilibrium  

Modern life exposes us to a whole array of intrusive stimuli, from flashing screens to vibrating phones. These come alongside conventional air pollution which many have grown accustomed to but are nonetheless harmful. Such exposure can lead to stress as a person’s senses are overloaded. 

Taking refuge in the outdoors allows a person to switch off from such distractions, if only for a little while. Daily short but regular breaks will help a person recharge their batteries.  

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