The never-ending complaints about eMADANI application rejections

SINCE its rolled out on Dec 4, there have been complaints about the RM100 eMadani initiative. The complaints range from elderly people having difficulties registering via apps or those facing outright rejections upon application even though they earn much less than RM100,000 a year.

The eMADANI is an initiative from the government for eligible beneficiaries with an annual income below RM100,000.

This programme is estimated to benefit approximately 10 million Malaysians in the form of RM100 in e-wallet credit that can be used for purchases in brick-and-mortar businesses through participating e-wallet service providers.

Yet, not everyone is happy with the initiative. Some find it too little, while others are asking when the M40 will get help while the government plans to eradicate subsidies that benefit the M40 group.

DAP Facebook page posted a list of ‘bantuan’ kerajaan that are earmarked for the year 2024. And this too was met with hostilities and rejections from social media users.

For Facebook user Tkk Tan these are all short-term aid initiatives. He wants to know what the government has in store for a long-term solution.

Not agreeing with the ‘bantuan’ initiatives, this user, Paramesvaran Karthigeyan had this to say:

And there were grievances over the rejections of the eMadani applications. – Dec 10, 2023


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