The New Duo offers privacy, flexibility for co-sharing tenants

THE pandemic has irrevocably shifted the working habits of many people, with remote work very much coming to the fore.

There has also been a rise in small start-ups and freelancers post-COVID-19 whereby many more employees prefer the freedom and flexibility afforded by such employment. Not being tied to a conventional 9-to-5 seems to be the favoured option for many.

This has led to a boom in demand for lifestyle units which can serve as small offices. Although many employees prefer working remotely, there are those who still want to rent a dedicated space for work.

This allows for greater focus as well as to keep the private and professional spheres completely separate.

As lifestyle units go, The New Duo at edumetro offers many benefits to tenants, especially for small businesses looking to share work spaces.

Located in the mature and affluent neighbourhood of USJ1, Subang Jaya, The New Duo lifestyle units are part of the edumetro development by HCK Capital Group.

Sizes for The New Duo range from 844sq ft to 928sq ft which are ideal for co-sharing work spaces. These lifestyle units feature dual key entrances that allow tenants who run different enterprises to maintain some semblance of privacy.

Having quality dining and shopping options at its doorstep also make The New Duo attractive to prospective tenants. Subang Jaya is now home to over a quarter million residents, and many are reluctant to leave the confines of this ultra-modern suburb for work.

This has greatly boosted rental demand for The New Duo units as even companies are looking to set up small satellite offices for employees based in the area.

Formerly known as Remix 2, works for The New Duo had ground to a halt when the former developer faced cash flow issues.

HCK Capital Group stepped in as a white knight developer to rescue the ailing project and has since transformed its fortune, with many purchasers having received vacant possession of their units this year.

For more information on edumetro and The New Duo, visit: – Nov 7, 2023

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