The success story behind Menu Rahmah

SEVERAL MPs from the Opposition Perikatan Nasional (PN) have been heavily criticising the government’s food programme and have made Hansard history by linking it to various illnesses.

But it appears that the idea behind the Menu Rahmah is catching on with the population and is a hit for some restaurants.

A Facebook user recently posted their version of the Menu Rahmah, saying that it is a total success for their business.

User Kamal Hero Malaya wrote:

In English, the Facebook user is saying the Menu Rahmah has resulted in good sales, with his staff’s salary ready before the end of the month.

He said this success story is because of the many benefits of the Menu Rahmah.

“Apparently in Rahmah there is charity…the secret of GOD that we don’t know. Thank you unity government,” they said.

They added that employees are complaining that they do not have enough hands to handle the demand for the RM5 menu.

“The employee complained….Sometimes I can’t handle the orders, sir. Lots of customers…,” to which the user replied, “Patience…patience…” to his staff.

The post got 235 shares and more than 650 likes at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, user Battosai Kenshin wrote:

The user is saying, “Selling the food at RM5 until the item runs out is more profitable, isn’t it? Rather than selling RM10 but not being able to sell the entire stock.”

Moreover, user Muhamad Asyraf said:

He said, “What I see in the stores that makes this Menu Rahmah is that it can be used as an attraction (marketing tool) for customers to come to the store. It could be that the customer orders the Rahmah menu or a menu other than the Rahmah menu or both.”

Some questioned the viability of profitably selling food under the Menu Rahmah.

Furthermore, user Shahrul Reza Kadir said: ”

The netizen wanted to know the secret of the success story.

“A lot of F&B businesses are stuck right now.. can you tell me which store is increasing sales because of Rahmah’s menu? We want to learn his tips,” he commented. — Feb 26, 2023

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