“There’s a distinction between PAS-DAP alliance in Pakatan Rakyat and current UMNO-DAP rapport”

SO there seems to be a distinctive trait between PAS-DAP alliance during the heydays of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) from that of existing UMNO-DAP working relationship.

In refuting the superficial statement from UMNO which equated the Islamist party’s previous acquaintance with DAP to UMNO’s current collaboration within DAP, PAS vice president Datuk Idris Ahmad said PAS had never in the past given any leeway to be controlled by DAP.

This, according to the Bagan Serai MP, is unlike UMNO which gives in to DAP for the party “no longer holds to the principles of its struggle”.

“PAS could be with DAP as the opposition at that time because there were efforts and discussions to counter issues such as leakages and corruption that occurred on the government’s side,” HarakahDaily quoted Idris as saying at the Telok Bahang PAS election aid launch in Penang yesterday (June 20).

“We don’t act randomly. If we want to be very powerful, if we want to be a minister, if we want to be a Minister Besar, if we want to hold Exco position, we would have continued to collude with DAP in PR.”

Datuk Idris Ahmad

However, the former minister in the PM’s Department for religious affairs said the 14th General Election (GE14) taught the Malay Muslims a lesson whereby DAP – “even with the number of seats which is not a majority” – was able to garner influence to the extent of controlling Putrajaya.

Moreover, Idris claimed that it was DAP who had earlier showed its opposition against PAS and eventually left the Barisan Alternatif (BA) due to PAS’ insistence on the Islamic State Document.

“This is the principle of our struggle. In our politics, we put the interests of the community and the interests of religion above everything else,” justified Idris as he rebutted various accusations and bad labelling on PAS.

He also revealed the revolution at the level of UMNO members and Pakatan Harapan (PH) supporters due to the fraud committed by their leaders in the recent GE15.

“It is not impossible for the Chinese to reject DAP because they are also against this type of deception. They cannot accept a leader who deceives. You used to sit and sing Hoi Hoi Ya Hoi,” he envisages.

“Why is there no more mention of bandits, rogues within PH component parties now? Now the 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd) case has become quiet. It used to be you (DAP) who brought up the LCS (littoral combatant ship) case. As a matter of dignity, the Chinese would want to have leaders who walk the talk.”

On the same note, Idris observed that it is difficult for UMNO’s grassroots to accept DAP because the latter often disputes Bumiputera-related policies in addition to insulting the Malays and raising other sensitive matters. – June 21, 2023

Main pic credit: DAP Malaysia

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