These shoes were made for… carrying gas cylinders!

IN THE 60s, Nancy Sinatra had a massive hit with a song entitled These Boots Were Made For Walkin’. A lady in Sabah seems to have taken that song’s empowered message by showing how her high-heeled shoes were made for carrying heavy gas cylinders—down a flight of steps no less!

The video posted by user @gugu.m05 on TikTok showcasing a lady’s dexterity in pointed heels as she quite gracefully carried a gas cylinder. She nearly slipped at one point but quickly regained her balance and composure.

Some netizens pointed out that the cylinder might have been empty otherwise, it would have been quite impossible.

(If the barrel is empty, it’s okay; try if there’s something inside.)

(Luckily it’s empty.)

However, other netizens still recognised the strength required for the feat.

(Empty but still heavy.)

(It’s okay even if it’s heavy. Don’t underestimate her. When you lift your pride, you might cry.)

Quite a few said it was a great reflection of feminine strength and of the typically strong women of Sabah.

(Sabah Sumandak are all beautiful and skilful in lifting gas cylinders.)

One netizen suggested that Petronas engage the lady for an ad campaign since she was carrying one of its green canisters.

Some netizens did, however, point out the inherent danger of such a stunt.

(Dangerous sis, why are you wearing high heels.)

Warning to all Focus M readers: Never try this lest you want a broken ankle or worse! – Jan 6, 2023


Main photo credit: World of Buzz

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