Thick face Dominic Lau’s ceramah snub incident a major disgrace to Gerakan, Penang Chinese

GERAKAN president Datuk Dr Dominic Lau Hoe Chai can put on a mask over the fact that he was never booted out from a PAS ceramah in Sungai Dua, Penang on Tuesday (Aug 1) night for he was an uninvited guest in the first place or that he was merely there to meet PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang on the sidelines “for a short discussion on strategy”.

He can even deny that he never intended to speak at the ceramah or that it was a close door event in a Malay-majority area that was only intended for PAS leaders and members but the writing on the wall – supported by video evidence – is obvious.

No human being – let alone a political leader of a key component party – with dignity and self-respect would be able to swallow his pride given the degree of humiliation levelled at him.

Even if he is not an uninvited guest or deserve a VIP treatment, the organiser should at the very least accord him some respect by offering him a front row seat rather than left him standing to watch the event from afar.

Instead, a kiniTV video clearly shows how Penang PAS secretary Iszuree Ibrahim – who was supposedly the PAS candidate for Bayan Lepas in the Aug 12 state Penang state poll before his nomination was ‘hijacked’ by Lau – had snubbed the PN deputy president at the ceramah.

When PAS vice-president Datuk Idris Ahmad who was one of the speakers at the ceramah (aside from Hadi) was being escorted on stage, Iszuree was seen walking up to Lau and told him, “Those who are not invited, please stay (do not go to the stage)”. When someone protested, Iszuree replied: “Tak boleh (no you can’t). You go away.”

Below are some two timely advices left behind by two Malaysiakini subscriber for Lau and Gerakan:

OCT: “If Dominic is a valuable asset, Hadi will definitely find time to meet him. This shows Dominic is a wasted and losing partner who is insignificant. Dominic is trying to grasp the little sand during his fall from grace.

“He doesn’t seem to get that he himself and Gerakan has no place in PN. Such a shameless and pitiful person. Gerakan is history and so is Dominic.

“Everyone can see it but not Dominic. There is no way Gerakan can represent the Chinese in a strong dominant Malay party (coalition) like PN. Don’t shame Gerakan members and party anymore. Enough is enough. The Chinese has more pride. There is another better NM (non-Malay) party to represent them.”

Justmyview: “Dominic should learn that self-respect and dignity is worth more than a state assembly seat. Not only you but the whole of Gerakan has been humiliated.” – Aug 3, 2023


Main pic credit: Malaysiakini

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