Thirsty for a drink? Let Mixobot fix one up for you

FOCUS Dynamics unveiled its state-of-the-art robotic bartender, Mixobot as the centrepiece of Lavo which that is not only pretty on the eyes, but it can also produce refreshing beverages and cocktails in precise portions.

With Mixobot, Focus Dynamics plans to create an additional revenue channel to its current business by leasing the robotic bartender to interested restaurants located in key cities around the country.

In fact, it was also determined that the adoption of Mixobot to a certain food and beverage (F&B) establishment could have a high potential of increasing beverage revenue of up to 50%.

According to Focus Dynamics executive director Benson Tay, the Mixobot can be programmed by a professional world-class mixologist within mere minutes in order to deliver perfect cocktails every single time.

“While humans are prone to making errors, returned drinks to the bar due to unproportionate ingredient quantity/mix may cause the bar unnecessary waste. With Mixobot, the bars or restaurants would be able to eliminate that problem and ensure better customer satisfaction,” added Tay.

One of the main features of MixoBot is its robotic arms that concocts drinks from a selected menu. With its flexible arm, MixoBot can mix drinks while its charmingly choreographed movements add a flair of attractiveness to the bar station.

Research has shown that the use of robotics in any industry can generate a return of investment as fast as 36 operating days. Owning a centrepiece like MixoBot can yield returns within 12 months.

To experience the MixoBot in person, book a table at Lavo through the GemSpot mobile application – available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. – April 8, 2021

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