TikToker deletes post after Fahmi challenge on civil servant reduction

COMMUNICATIONS and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil has vehemently denied reports on TikTok that the government will reduce the number of civil servants and challenged Berita 757 regarding the news, which he described as “ridiculous.”

Following Fahmi’s remarks on his Facebook page, the user took down the video.

“The government vehemently denies the allegations that civil servants will be reduced,” said Fahmi in a statement posted on his Facebook account.

“The government has never had any plans or discussions in that direction and the government has always appreciated the cooperation of civil servants all this time.”

He said this in reaction to a news report clip of Berita 757 by Awesome TV that a user posted on their TikTok account.

The user also removed the post, but the latter also challenged the pro-Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim followers on TikTok that he did not need such videos to get millions of views.

The TikTok video claims that there are suggestions from observers to reduce the number of civil servants to 800,000.

“I took down the post about the proposed reduction of civil service by Berita 7:57 because that TV has also deleted their post. To the walanon (name given to Anwar’s followers) I want to say “I do not need to edit (videos) to get 1.1 million views,” a user, Benteranova2 said.

@benteranova2 Wa turunkan posting tu pasal cadangan pngurangan pnjawat awam oleh Berita 7:57 tu sbb TV tu pun dah padam posting mreka. Kpd walanon wa nak cakap “wa x prlu edit mngedit utk mndapatkan 1.1 juta view 🤣 #BenTeranova #f #fp #fr #fy #fpy #fyp #fyr #fpyシ #fypシ #fyrシ #fpyviralシ #fypviralシ #fyrviralシ #for #foryou #foryoupage #foryoupageviral #fypage #fypageviral #viral #PN #PAS #PPBM #PGRM #PNBeSt #PNBersihStabil #PerikatanNasional ♬ original sound – hareez086

Fahmi asked for an explanation from Berita 757 regarding the news, which he described as “ridiculous ideas and suggestions.”

On Twitter, a popular user said the video posted by the so-called news channel was misleading.

The user is saying the video is very misleading.

[The reporter did not mean what he wrote in the caption. The way he wrote it seems to cause a misunderstanding and confusion. This is defamation. Wait for you to be picked up (by the authorities). Many people think badly of the government because of this video.] — Feb 18, 2023


Main photo credit: Bernama

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