Tips for creating a modern boardroom

A BOARDROOM need not be dull and drab spaces of yore, containing just a long table with a whiteboard for presentations and lit by stale fluorescent lights.

Contemporary boardrooms should feel very much like the brain of the organisation, where important strategic decisions are made and company policies are formulated.

Hence these rooms should be functional and replete with up-to-date equipment. Here are some tips to create a modern boardroom:

Install LED video walls

LED video walls can display sharp, vibrant images that look spectacular from any angle. Given the advances in technology, these video walls are also energy efficient and not high maintenance.

They are definitely a step up from the run of the mill projectors and monitors that adorn most board rooms.

A major plus is that prices have come down significantly, making them affordable. Wouldn’t want to give the company’s financial controller a heart attack!

Use interactive whiteboards

Zoom, Teams and Google Meet are now a must for corporate meetings. Complementing these tools are the interactive whiteboards which allow for more dynamic presentations, allowing participants to annotate documents and pictures, save and email files, and record meetings for future references.

Safe to say, every productive corporation would want to have these in their boardroom.

Decorate wisely

The boardroom should be decorated to reflect the corporate values that employees are expected to uphold. Vibrant colours that inspire creativity are recommended if the boardroom is regularly used for brainstorming.

A company with a long and illustrious history can also opt to highlight its significant milestones to spur the current crop of corporate executives.

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