Tips for hiking in hot weather

HIKERS are known for their unwavering dedication. Once bitten by the hiking bug, serious enthusiasts are always eager to hit the trails regardless of the conditions. 

The current heatwave has made outdoor activities like hiking more demanding. The inclines feel steeper, and the trails are primed to catch you off guard and send you stumbling. 

Being prepared is essential if you want to continue your hiking adventures in this extreme heat. Here are some valuable tips: 

Map out the terrain: 

Given the harsh weather, it is wise to stick to familiar hiking trails. Save exploring new routes for more forgiving climates. Even on familiar trails, plan your route in advance to allocate time and supplies. Familiarising yourself with the trail mentally helps prepare you psychologically and plan for breaks. 

Bring the right fluids: 

Hydration is crucial for avoiding heatstroke. In addition to water, consider bringing energy-boosting drinks to sustain you through tough stretches. A quick energy boost combined with adrenaline can help push through difficult sections. 

Pack snacks: 

Hiking in hot weather is draining. Trails that were once easy may become more challenging when temperatures soar. It is advisable to pack lightweight snacks to maintain energy levels and complete the hike comfortably. 

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