Tips for newbie hikers

THE interest in hiking has seen a dramatic boost post-pandemic. Many Malaysians have discovered a new-found love of the outdoors after being cooped indoors during lockdown, with evidence of large crowds at popular hiking trails.  

Those new to this activity should take note of some useful tips to maximise the benefits and enjoyment from this activity: 

Don appropriate footwear 

This may seem obvious but a quick scan of feet at hiking trails will reveal many who do not deem this important. Pay a visit to a well-stocked sports shop to try on different shoes. Focus on those which provide maximum comfort and plenty of grip.   

Since hiking is meant to be more challenging compared to kerb-side walking, the correct hiking gear is a must. Wear thick socks that absorb moisture besides preventing painful blisters. 

Wear protective clothing 

Yes, hiking will work up a sweat and it’s important to stay cool. But note that many hiking trails involve bush trails and treks through heavy foliage and even small streams. Mosquitos, leeches and other bugs will be aplenty.   

Long jogging pants along with long-sleeved tops made from lighter materials are recommended on such hikes. Otherwise, use plenty of insect repellent. 

Get your bearings right  

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and a compass app is downloaded. Always pin your location to ensure a hike does not become a search and rescue operation for the local Civil Defence Unit. 

This is especially important when exploring a new hiking trail. Even the most popular hiking spots will have tales of hikers losing their bearings.  

If hiking is your thing, imagine having one of the most popular hiking trails in Selangor at your doorstep. Hiijauan Broga is a mixed-integrated development located adjacent to Broga Hill, allowing residents spectacular vistas and the enjoyment of an outdoor lifestyle.

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