Tips from netizens: How to reduce Perodua service bills

POSTS on social media on how best to save money are regularly trending in Malaysia. With the rising cost of seemingly everything, ordinary folk are looking for ways to stretch their monthly wages.

One such post was by user @Haziqmarmur90an on X (formerly Twitter) who shared some tips on how Perodua vehicle owners can reduce their service bills. He advises motorists to be vigilant as to the quotations provided, as there will be all sorts of “miscellaneous” extras, many of which are added pre-inspection.

The pertinent question is: how does the service centre know that these items need replacing before the vehicle has yet to be looked at? He then says he will refuse to sign any form that does not conform with the standard terms on the website regarding the mandated changes according to the vehicle’s mileage. He also shared the link that outlines this.

The poster goes on to say that when presented with a list of extra items that need replacing, he will refuse. Instead, he will go to a “trusted workshop” to do what is necessary to avoid paying for “highly marked-up” spare parts.

His “advice” has gone viral as the post has been viewed 1.1m times and elicited many responses. Here is a sample.

Some members of the fairer sex saying they are apprehensive about going to these service centres alone for fear of being taken advantage of due to their ignorance of these matters.

One said the service centre staff refused to follow the website listing, saying the prices had not been updated, to which the original poster advised reporting the offending service provider to the authorities.

One recounted an incident when he was advised to change his battery as it was due for a change when further inspection elsewhere revealed the unit to be just fine.

There were a number of netizens sharing their own experiences with “proof” of exorbitant invoices. But as was pointed out, those were for services after high mileage with many items scheduled for a change (as per the website).

One demanded an explanation from Perodua on the prevalence of such unscrupulous practices at its service centres.

Another shared their frustration at being billed without prior consultation.

Another had to resort to filing an official complaint with Perodua before getting a refund.

A few highlighted that such practices were not restricted to Perodua service centres as it was par for the course at various other marques as well.

One netizen said those who leave the car behind at service centres are those who will fall prey to such unscrupulous and unauthorised “add-ons.”

Many advised vehicle owners not to be “lazy” and to go through the list of items on the website that are supposed to be changed with each mileage to avoid getting fleeced.

The number of comments on the issue suggests there is a semblance of truth to the accusation of unscrupulous practices. At the very least, it highlights that there are disgruntled customers who feel they have been wronged. Given the economic climate, motorists are becoming more aware of their consumer rights.

It is advisable that motorists know what they are agreeing to when stepping into a service centre and to do due diligence.

As for the car marques, perhaps some proactive measures can be taken to ensure a couple of bad service centres do not end up besmirching the brand. In the age of social media, untold damage can be done when posts such as the one above go viral.

Surely, regular undercover visits to service centres by HQ will clamp down on such practices. Otherwise, be prepared for plenty of less-than-stellar ratings on websites and an avalanche of nasty messages from disgruntled customers flooding social media.

By then, it could be too late. – June 21, 2024


Main photo credit:  sewa kereta alor setar

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