TNL transforms logistics landscape with Wavelet’s AWS award-winning BigLedger platform

BigLedger, the flagship platform of ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions provider Wavelet Solution Sdn Bhd has drastically increased productivity and operational efficiencies for logistics company TNL Hai Sern Sdn Bhd (TNL).

This, according to the company’ manager Desmond Low, has enabled TNL to embark on an aggressive digital transformation programme to further reaffirm its position as a formidable player in Malaysia and the wider ASEAN region’s logistics sector.

The operational scope of TNL extends across Southeast Asia and stretching out to also encompass China, Australia the Americas and Europe courtesy of its extensive global partner network.

Its pursuit of an elevated operational paradigm eventually led to a crucial alliance with home-grown Wavelet which has been acclaimed as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Partner of the Year 2023 for ASEAN.

Since its implementation, BigLedger has become instrumental in streamlining TNL’s day-to-day operational architecture.

“The comprehensive ERP (Inventory and Accounting Management) and End-to-End Order Tracking System have now become synonymous with TNL’s commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction,” enthused Low.

Meanwhile, Wavelet CEO Vincent Lee said his company’s mission is all about empowering enterprises through robust and scalable technology solutions.

TNL manager Desmond Low (left) and Wavelet CEO Vincent Lee

Agility intact

BigLedger is essentially a ‘composable enterprise platform’ that allows massive amounts of data to be stored and processed centrally, thus functioning as the data exchange across multiple systems which means that Wavelet’s customers no longer have to deal with ‘messy’ integration.

Its characteristics ensure smooth integration and operational fluidity. The ability to edit and update structured and unstructured data in real-time also empower users with the ability to make swift, informed decision-making.

A key benefit, for example, is the real-time delivery status updates now provided to TNL’s customers.

“This feature has empowered our customers to see exactly where their orders are at any given time right up until delivery,” explained Low, adding that Wavelet has built a stronger bond of trust with customers.

Moreover, the real-time update feature is a big step towards modernising TNL’s operations.

“This new feature also streamlines various processes, making it smoother and more efficient which in turn has led to faster deliveries and better service overall,” observed Low. “As a result, we have elevated customer experiences who are in turn reassured with better, more reliable and transparent service.”

Added Low: “Facilitated by BigLedger’s omnichannel approach, the seamless fusion between online and offline operations has ushered in a new era of customer engagement. It has also enabled TNL to gather comprehensive data for personalised services and targeted marketing, a cornerstone for driving sales and nurturing customer loyalty.” – Oct 26, 2023

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