To sword or not to sword Swatch

A COMBINATION of influences from an international LGBTQAI+ movement and a more permissive society in the US has turned 20% of its Gen Z into identifying themselves as LGBT.

In short, the Gallup poll is alarming to the conservatives in the US that “one in five Gen Z adults identify as LGBT” and the number is expected to increase.

“Roughly 21% of Generation Z Americans who have reached adulthood – those born between 1997 and 2003 – are identified as LGBT. That is nearly double the proportion of millennials who do so while the gap widens even further when compared with older generations,” Gallup reported.

Compared to the figure in 2012 when Gallup first polled its population, there is a big shift in the percentage of US adults who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or something other than heterosexual. “This has increased to a new high of 7.1% which is double the percentage from 2012,” the report stated.

In Malaysia, since the authorities raided the Swatch collection of Pride watches, Malaysians from all walks of life have suddenly awakened to this issue affecting the population.

After reading Tryphena’s own journey, church pastor Synnee Lai, said: “We have been providing sound teaching to our young people since two years ago. Our youths have also been relating to us that there are lots of youths practicing LGBT and even their lecturers are encouraging this.”

Another gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous said that his family discovered to their horror that one of his relatives is a ‘closet’ gay. “The marriage is at the verge of breakdown,” he added.

A vocal activist recently criticised the Madani government for the confiscation of the Swatch Pride collection of watches. “The government should support the Pride Flag,” he reiterated, claiming “that in no way it endorses the LGBT lifestyle. It only underscores their rights to inclusiveness and equality in social standing. I don’t see how Pride flags can in the slightest iota embolden wanna-be queers to go sideways.”

The activist is probably ill-advised about the LGBT movement. “What is the pride flag advocating?” he asked innocently. However, anyone asking this question even to ChatOpenAi would immediately get a good explanation that answers his question.

“The key point is that the Swatch range of watches come in a choice of the six colours of the gay pride flag a.k.a. the rainbow flag which overall is intended to provide corporate endorsement of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle,” wrote an observer of Malaysian politics and global geopolitics who prefers to be known only as Charles.

Hence, Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek – in hitting out at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim – is either missing the point or he forgot that the rainbow has seven colours but his collection of watches with colours that match exactly the colours of the Pride flag only has six.

In fact, Swatch’s official website had stated it clearly: “This year, we are celebrating Pride with a vivid collection of watches inspired by the iconic Pride flag. Each watch appears in one of the bold colours that make up the flag and features a symmetrical `seconds’ hand symbolising equality. Two rainbow loops bring the colours together to celebrate the unity and diversity that make our society – and Swatch – so strong.”

Charles further pointed out that even “people of rural parts of Canada who tend to be more conservative than those in the urban areas are more strongly objecting to such flags on their public buildings”.

“Likewise in Malaysia, the key point in all this is that corporations such as Swatch are subtly going against something which is not widely accepted in Malaysia for religious, cultural or whatever reasons,” he opined.

“Instead of showing respect for the values and sentiments of the Malaysian population, Swatch’s defiance can be construed as being totally disregarding the mainstream society.”

According to a former gay man, it is only a handful of largely urban-based ‘progressive’ radicals who push such values upon people.” – May 29, 2023

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