Today’s Malays have lesser qualms of accepting DAP’s brand of politics

THERE seems to be a sense of ‘openness and readiness’ among the Malay community to accept DAP as opposed to ‘outright rejection’ judging by a recent post that veteran journalist and blogger Datuk A. Kadir Jasin recently put up on his Facebook page.

He triggered ‘unorthodox’ responses with some Malays stepping forward to acknowledge that the accusations of DAP as a racist, anti-Malay or anti-Islam party “has actually been planted by UMNO and PAS leaders from long ago to scare off the Malays”.

Kadir’s post in the form of an open statement reads: “The move by DAP to place more young Malay candidates is very interesting and welcoming. The DAP was originally a multi-racial party.”

“But let’s not forget that UMNO and PAS are also racist by being inclusive of only members from their clans,” observed a netizen who goes by the name Enal Zainal.

“When in a desperate situation, these two parties will play on racial sentiments while the blame is placed on DAP. But they deliberately make us forget that they also conspire with MIC and MCA which are themselves two racist parties.”

Taking a swipe at both UMNO/PAS, Enal Zainal said whenever DAP places a Malay candidate in a Malay majority area, the whole country seems to be in turmoil.

“But the coalition partners doesn’t care if there is a MIC candidate who wins in an area that is almost 80% Malay majority. The bad perception about DAP will not subside. As it is, the malay perception about DAP will no subside … it is being deliberately twisted by UMNO, PAS and anti-establishment NGOs (non-governmental organisations).”

Another netizen Bustanul Bistari Bey shared that two of his friends who are highly educated and even come from families whose parents were UMNO fighters before have become DAP members.

“When I asked them regarding the wind of change, I, too, feel like joining them in DAP,” he explained.

“There is a political will within DAP which made me interested in DAP. In fact, I no longer believe in the race-based party’s struggle. I am often deceived by the slogan ‘for the sake of religion, race and nation and the country’ as this is merely for their rice bowl or their political gain.”

Below are some other random thoughts worth noticing:

Sunarti Kibat: Seeing the development of the PPP (People’s Power Party) in Singapore, I am one of the Malays who will not believe in DAP’s sincerity towards other races, especially the Malays as long as the legacy of LKS (Lim Kit Siang) and his relatives are still dominant in DAP. This is unless the DAP top brass are made up of former leaders like Tan Seng Giaw and Lee Lam Thye.

Hashim Chonel: Hopefully, no Malays in DAP will screw up other Malays in their quest to show that the DAP’s Malays are more DAP than other races in the party.

Shahrin Bin Ahmad: Gen Y and Z are more open and understand the breadth of choosing candidates leaders and legislators. The various multiracial professionals don’t restrict themselves to narrow-minded racism or care for their own cronies instead of the entire community.

Syahid Ehsan: Ah Loke (DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke Siew Fook) also speaks a lot in BM now … This is a good move indeed. This is a loss for me because DAP is not contesting in my area

Joe Wan: Let’s join DAP in droves … more opportunities to be selected to contest, especially the Malay majority seat! – Oct 31, 2022

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