Tommy Thomas: “Sounds like me, but it is not me”

THE voice in the audio clip sounds like him, and a photograph of him is used, but this is not Tan Sri Tommy Thomas, ladies and gentleman.

In fact, FocusM has approached the man himself, and the former attorney-general has all but confirmed it: “This is an old ‘fake’ (audio). Just ignore this.”

Of course, this is not the same as the case involving a former lawyer, VK Lingam who is remembered for his line of defence, “It looks like me, and the voice sounds like me but the (person’s) mouth movement is not consistent with what is being said, so it may not be me.”

@zleyxa38 #bekindtoeveryone #respecteachother #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – leyxa

If it is not Tommy Thomas, who could it be then? For what reason did the person do this video or audio? Was it to impersonate Thomas? If yes, why?

Some ground facts to begin with: This has been circulated at least a year ago, first appearing in the form of an audio file, but it has since been turned into a video format which is now uploaded on TikTok. TikTok does not accept audio format.

In this instance, the video, uploaded by Tiktok user leyxa, had since garnered over 2,500 shares and had attracted at least 220 comments.

Netizen Vina said: “Doesn’t matter whose voice this is, I do agree with the messages. Well said.”

Captmaidin suggested that the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s honorific title should be withdrawn. “Yes, very true. Tarik balik (revoke) his Tun (title). Not fit.”

Shahruddin Mohamed N said, “Support you, Sir!”

leyxa’s videos on a wide range of topics and with no specific pattern suggest that he or she is just an ordinary citizen with no attempt to defame or impersonate anyone.

In fact, the two tags used in this video suggests that the account owner only wants to convey two messages to everyone, namely #bekindtoeveryone and #respecteachother.

The user appears to be incensed by the nonagenarian’s recent toxic speeches using the Chinese as a punching bag and disparaging Malay rulers who cannot be depended upon to defend Malay rights. This may explain why the audio-turned-TikTok video has started making its round again.

FocusM also detected another TikToker using the handle DrKHH who told the two-time prime minister to just “zip up” and sit quietly.

@drkoh58♬ original sound – DrKHH

It is obvious that both leyxa and DrKHH are just ordinary citizens who are following the latest political development and making their voices heard. They do not appear to have any specific political agenda, or involved in any party politics.

The question of whose voice it is in leyxa’s TikTok video does not appear to be important; what is important is that the contents had resonated with netizens.

FocusM believes the person was also not attempting to impersonate Thomas. There is no obvious reason for him to impersonate as Tommy Thomas.

In fact, the commentator, the video editor and layxa could be three different persons – all with one common objective to hit out at the former prime minister.

The confusion that the person in the audio sounded like Tommy Thomas happened when the audio file first circulated. Such mistaken identity can happen because most people do not have access to Thomas.

So, the next time you hear a voice that sounds like Tommy Thomas, never assume that it is him.

A similar voice note of an activist lawyer has also been circulating and because she sounded like former Minister of International Trade and Industry, word had spread that it was Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. Rafidah has since denied it was her voice. – June 2, 2023

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