Touch ‘n Go e-wallet merchants shielded from payment scam for only RM10 per month

TNG Digital Sdn Bhd (‘TNG Digital’) has announced the availability of the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet Soundbox subscription models for merchants, starting at just RM10 per month.

Merchants are now given the option to choose between the Soundbox set, priced at RM10 per month, or the Soundbox set with a SIM card, available for RM18 per month.

“As we serve over 1 million merchants nationwide, our goal is to provide them with products and services that enhance their business operations,” said TNG Digital CEO Alan Ni.

“In addition to ensuring the convenience of e-wallet payments, we prioritise transaction security to protect our merchants from fraudulent activities.”

With just a one-time easy setup, merchants can efficiently manage transactions through instant voice alerts supporting denominations in three languages for incoming payments.

The Soundbox audibly announces the amount received, enabling merchants to experience reduced hassle in their daily business operations.

During busy hours, merchants no longer need to repeatedly check their phones linked with their business account or request customers to display payment receipts on their screens.

“With the recent increase in fraudulent payment incidents affecting SME merchants, we strongly encourage our merchants to acquire a Soundbox,” Ni added.

“With an affordable monthly subscription price, this small, compact, and portable tool will help them run their businesses with peace of mind.”

Touch ‘n Go e-wallet merchants can easily subscribe the Soundbox by selecting their preferred subscription plan from the Merchant Dashboard within Touch ‘n Go e-wallet.

Follow the simple steps below, with a one-off upfront payment at RM60, to begin the monthly Soundbox subscription plan.

For more information about Touch ‘n Go e-wallet Soundbox subscription, visit – Feb 6, 2024

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