Traffic cops should make example of driver who intentionally blocked ambulance path

A VIDEO of a Toyota Hilux wilfully blocking the path of an ambulance while it was trying to rush a semi-critical patient had raised the ire of netizens.

The clip uploaded by user @sjammuar on TikTok clearly shows the offender not wanting to give way even though there were no other vehicles for it to overtake on the left lane.

The poster who is believed to be attached to St John Muar Ambulance said he could not believe the callous attitude of the driver. He further noted that the ambulance which was heading from Muar to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM) in Petaling Jaya did not sound its siren to avoid pressuring the semi-critical patient.

Despite a few short bursts of the siren, the vehicle in front refused to give way. What really seemed to infuriate the poster was that when the ambulance was eventually able to pass, the driver and his two companions could be seen laughing at the ambulance crew.

At time of writing, the video has since been viewed almost 105,000 times and generated close to 1,100 comments.

Many netizens have commented that perhaps the ambulance needed to have its siren blaring to ensure motorists are aware. But the poster reiterated the reason for not doing so.

He also repeatedly explained the ambulance driver had given ample warning by flashing the high beam as well as short bursts of the siren.

Needless to say, many netizens wanted the authorities to take action.

Many were also calling for tougher laws to avoid such inconsiderate road behaviour.

However, there were quite a few netizens who displayed incredible ignorance when it comes to road safety and etiquette.

As some netizens still seemed unclear of the concept, others decided to make it clear.

Incredibly, some thought the ambulance driver was the one speeding and driving recklessly.

Aside from the callous behaviour of the Toyota Hilux driver and his companions in this video, it is quite disconcerting that quite a few netizens seemed ignorant of the need to give way to emergency vehicles.

Many also seemed oblivious to the Hilux driver’s lane hogging antics.

A few points need to be raised. Firstly, as many pointed out, the authorities need to throw the book at the offenders. Secondly, as many netizens’ comments seem to underline, many are still not aware that the right lane is for overtaking, not the left.

Last but not least, what sort of society have we become that road users are willing to pull such antics when a patient’s life is hanging in the balance? – Jan 17, 2024

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