Trump supporters say why they won’t take COVID-19 vaccine


DESPITE reports of former US President Donald Trump admitting to taking the COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021, his supporters are still adamant on refusing to get the jab, with some thinking that Trump ‘will never take (the vaccine)’.

“Vaccine hesitancy fuelled by dangerous misinformation is higher among Republicans and Trump voters than other parts of the US population,” CNN reports.

‘Discredited researcher Judy Mickovits and known peddler of dangerous misinformation about COVID-19’ is making things worse by spreading false facts regarding the issue.

CNN: A lot of people will say that the message you’re spreading of anti-masks and anti-vaccines is dangerous.

Mickovits: And every piece of data says it’s not dangerous. Has the mask helped you? No. You’re going to get sick with a bacterial infection.

“Mickovits is wrong. The CDC and science says masks do work,” CNN added.

Meanwhile, one of the supporters that were interviewed said that he is planning to take the vaccine and was surprised that his peers were not.

“I think that a lot of the people who are angry and said that they don’t want to take the vaccine are more angry at the establishment and lockdowns, so they take their anger in different directions,” he said, before he was angrily confronted by a couple of other Republicans in the area. – March 22, 2021

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