Twitter users shocked at RM10 bil cost of absorbing contract health workers

RECENTLY, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim made a statement regarding the absorption of doctors in Malaysia, saying that it would cost roughly RM10 bil a year if 4,000 contract health workers were to be given permanent placements.Anwar stated that he will continue to focus on the well-being of the educational and healthcare workers in our country.Meanwhile, Malaysians agree that doctors are the backbone of our society and should at least receive a permanent job.Nevertheless, crafty netizens are stating that it is not possible that doctors are making RM2.5 mil a year in Malaysia.

Bitcoin Malaya, a prominent Twitter account, states that the RM10 bil sounds peculiar and that the calculations do not add up.The page then states that each doctor’s cost is 25x more than their rough annual salaries, which are RM100,000. The page further questioned the validity of the overhead costs.Several comments are defending our current government with Twitter user Colin Charles @bytebot stating:

Furthermore, another Twitter user  @sharannkaur defended PM Anwar by saying:

Another Twitter user  @TiadaCarut added:

In lieu, this user stated that spending the amount of money is worth it when compared to seeing the healthcare system collapse. The Twitter user then adds that if all the government doctors quit, we might resort to hiring ex-pat doctors, which will cost a lot more than what is cited as it is.Some comments are also against the government with Twitter user @mnimmbmy noted:

He said the cost of a normal grade 53 doctor which would lead to a RM7,000 allowance and a RM2,000 EPF scheme over pensions. There would be a 13% EPF contribution by the government which is RM1,170 which would lead to a RM10,170 a month expenditure. Which would then make it RM122,000 a year. He questions where would the other RM2.3 mil go?Meanwhile,Twitter user @reinerbraunnn said: — April 1, 2023

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