Type C fried chicken proprietor not sitting on his laurels; counters KFC with his RM36 offer version

IF there ever was a good example of consumers flexing their collective muscle, it has to be the on-going ‘fried chicken price war’ here in Malaysia.

Over the past weekend, KFC – the global fried chicken king – had tempted many Malaysians with its three-day (May 10-12) “9 (pieces) for RM36” Mother’s Day Special charm offensive in its quest to win back fried chicken fans who have dumped the fast-food brand over its miniscule chicken pieces.

It then boldly followed this up with a declaration that customers unhappy with the size of its chicken pieces can have it replaced on the same day (terms and conditions apply, of course)!

KFC’s success with some diners claimed to have waited up to two hours for their turn must have rub off on the so-called “Type C” fried chicken chain, Lim Fried Chicken (LFC), which boasts 13 outlets nationwide (with majority in the Klang Valley).

Coincidentally, the LFC “3 Days Crazy Deal” which kicks off tomorrow and stretches till Sunday (May 17-19) also boasts a nine-piece chicken feat (mix of drumsticks, thighs and wings) at RM36 or an optional one whole fried chicken.

More broadly, the ‘price war’ has been welcomed by consumers who are glad that the noise they are making online has sparked a response from business owners.

As in KFC’s case, the fried chicken chain which has temporarily suspended 108 outlets nationwide (as of April 27) in view of anti-Zionist boycott has even promised “to replace small chicks but only if you haven’t eaten them”, according to a social media post on the Meanwhile in Malaysia (MIM) Facebook page.

Here is a small sample of how netizens are reacting over the latest KFC quality commitment on the MIM forum:

However, some were still not convinced with the consistency aspect given chicken pieces remained small at some KFC outlets.

Nevertheless, it is indeed praiseworthy to see these businesses respond to consumer feedback. The perceived lack of value was of importance given the increased cost of living issues affecting ordinary Malaysians.

‘Family meals’ must actually fulfill what they claim, ie they must actually feed a family as opposed to just whetting their appetites. – May 16, 2024

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