“Ukraine, you showed Russian bully you’re no pushover”

UKRAINE is a small country but you are standing up well to the Russian bully with admirable courage. You showed the world that you are no pushover despite the overwhelming firepower of the enemy.

The war in Ukraine is not a local bushfire or an insignificant event. It affects the whole world because, sooner or later, the fighting will spill over international borders, sparking a wider conflict.

The world is entering a “dangerous phase” all because the invader refuses to stop the carnage. Russia even threatens to use nuclear weapons, knowing fully well a nuclear holocaust will bring about a horrendous outcome.

The arrogance of power is on full display as Moscow throws its military might on Ukraine, hoping to conquer your country in a matter of days.

But your brave fighters have put up a stout resistance and have managed to roll back the Russian onslaught and have even chalked up impressive victories in your lightning counter-offensive.

For Ukrainians, it is a matter of national survival because Russia makes no secret about its diabolical plan to erase your statehood. You would rather fight to the bitter end and “die on your feet than live on your knees”.

The world has witnessed how ruthless, blood-thirsty and brutal are the rulers in the Kremlin. It looks as though they want to delibrately start World War Three, perhaps, to assert their hegemony not only in the West but the world over.

Nuclear ammunition

But you are the first line of defence for the Western world. If you fall, the bright lights all over Europe will go out. It is your indomitable spirit that is preventing Russia from gobbling up you and the free world.

One wonders what makes Russia so aggressive and brutal? Why is this ruthless superpower pursuing a policy that it knows will lead inexorably to a horrible catastrophic conflict that will threaten the very existence of the human race?

It all has to do with size. Russia is huge – spanning more than 17 million sq metres – making it the biggest country in the world. Thus, its size is what give Russia the confidence that it can roll over other smaller countries like Ukraine with impunity.

More frightening is your enemy’s vast stockpile of nuclear warheads estimated at more than 5,900. If Russia unleashes more than 100 such nuclear bombs, that’s enough to destroy not only Ukraine but also mankind.

Geographical size plus military might is what is fuelling Russia’s special military campaign in Ukraine. It is what is pushing the Kremlin warlords to want to irrationally make a rendezvous with nuclear Armageddon.

But Ukraine need not fear a nuclear holocaust because you have friends in the West who can stand up to the Big Bully. You have the US and the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies who can stop the Russian bear in its track.

With more than 5,400 nuclear warheads in its arsenal, the US can match the military superiority of Russia by providing Ukraine the main deterrence against unchecked Russian aggression.

For now, Moscow is engaging in sabre-rattling – testing the waters to see whether America will dare response to the Russian threat. America did respond decisively and that had put the brakes on the Russian juggernaut.

Pic credit: AFP

But Russia does not recognise the language of diplomacy. It only understands the language of violence. Drunk on its awesome military might, it will not listen to the voices of moderation and peace.

If Moscow continues to beat the drum of war louder and louder until it reaches a deafening crescendo, the Western powers must sit up and be prepared to deal with the biggest threat to world peace.

On its part, Ukraine will continue to shoulder the main burden of the current war and so far – with the help of the Western powers – you have done a splendid job.

Today, Russia is strong and formidable but – like all the great empires in history – it will surely crumble to dust one day. Maybe, Russia will be invaded, occupied and carved out into many independent countries, reducing it to just a small patch of land – posing no more a mortal threat to the world. – Nov 1, 2022


Phlip Rodrigues is a former journalist.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

Main pic credit: Russian Defence Ministry

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