UMNO faces electoral threat as dissent grows over DAP cooperation

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Hashim Jasin warned that UMNO might face its demise in the upcoming 16th General Election (GE16) if it continues its cooperation with DAP.

The former Perlis state assemblyman revealed in an interview with Utusan Malaysia that a majority of UMNO members and supporters are at odds with the party’s president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi over this collaboration.

“The majority of UMNO grassroots and supporters are not in agreement with Zahid. Many of the party leaders also do not dare voice their opinions or go against Zahid in matters concerning the party.”

Hashim Jasin

Hashim noted that UMNO’s dissatisfaction was evident in its losses in six state elections and the recent Kemaman by-election. He pointed to a notable surge in PAS’ majority in the Kemaman by-election, indicating a growing discontent among the electorate towards UMNO’s alliance with DAP.

“If UMNO continues to behave this year, it is not impossible for the party to be ‘buried’ in GE16. We in PAS have never declared UMNO as an enemy, and they are welcome to work with us anytime, in the name of ummah (Muslim community).

Moreover, Hashim proposed that UMNO consider collaborating with the Islamist party or the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition, citing the importance of unity within the ummah.

He also acknowledged that many UMNO leaders and supporters are hesitant to voice their dissent against Zahid, contributing to the party’s current predicament.

Meanwhile, PAS deputy president Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man recently expressed openness to rekindling ties with UMNO, provided such a decision is made through the PN platform, which includes the Bersatu.

However, Zahid unequivocally rejected the idea, dismissing it as mere “daydreaming” and highlighting UMNO’s unpreparedness to restore its alliance with PAS.

Furthermore, Hashim urged UMNO to reconsider its stance, claiming that PAS has never declared UMNO as an enemy.

He also stated that UMNO is welcome to collaborate with PAS in the name of ummah unity and any details of cooperation can be worked out later.

“Every party in a coalition has their formula of facing elections. But ummah unity remains the primary focus,” added Hashim.

Hashim suggested that a united front between UMNO and PAS could potentially challenge DAP’s strongholds and even secure 40 seats currently held by the latter. – Dec 8, 2023


Main photo credit: Harakah Daily

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