“UMNO is more democratic than PAS!” claims UMNO amidst uncontested leadership positions

UMNO is more democratic than PAS after the Islamists declared there will be no contest for the party’s president, deputy president and three vice presidents, said Kelantan UMNO deputy information chief Noor Hariri Mohamed Noor.Yesterday (Sept 29), PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan confirmed that there will be no contest for top-party posts.  “Of course, UMNO is more democratic as only the two main posts (president and deputy president) were not contested recently.  The positions of the three vice presidents remain open for election, unlike PAS which continues to close its ranks.”Meanwhile, he added that in the past 20 years, PAS had no other than its president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang as its president while UMNO had three different presidents.Hadi will remain PAS president for the 21st year after replacing the late Fadzil Noor in 2002.The 69th PAS Annual Muktamar is expected to take place on Oct 20–22 at the Ideal Convention Center (IDCC) while the Central PAS Ulama Council, PAS Youth Council and PAS Muslimat Council Conferences will be held earlier on Oct 18–19.In addition, the Central PAS Supporters Assembly Convention and the Central PAS Assabiqun Session will be held at Hotel De Palma on Oct 19. – Sept 30, 2023

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