UMNO Ulama Council man chides Hadi on PH hypocrisy claims

UMNO Ulama Council executive secretary Datuk Khairuddin Aman Razali advised PAS leader Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang to refrain from accusing Muslims from different political spectrums as zionists or hypocrites, saying these go against Islamic teachings.He was referring to an article written by Hadi that was published on HarakahDaily on Dec 6, 2023.Khairuddin said the writing leads to the conclusion that Hadi tried to compare the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government headed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with the hypocrites who lived during the time of the Prophet of Islam and the Zionists who are killing Palestinian Muslims.He added that the pillars of the unity government are Muslims who abide by the principal rule of Islam which is the oath of faith called shahadah and so do the UMNO, PKR and Amanah leaders as well as the members of the PAS.“It is very inappropriate and unethical to accuse other Muslims of being hypocrites because of different political parties and different political cooperation.”

Moreover, he noted through his writings that the PAS leader tried to create the perception that the unity government followed the lead of the hypocrites and Zionists in his administration.He gave several examples in which, during the early stages of Islam in Saudi Arabia 1400 years ago, the leader of the Muslims dismissed claims that Muslims could call other Muslims hypocrites.Hadi also attacked the unity government for not allocating allowances to opposition parties.“The approach of their government is the same as the approach of the hypocrites in the time of the Prophet (PBUH) towards those who believed to restrict allocations to the opposing party.”Furthermore, Khairuddin stated that the PAS in 2018 refused to give allowances to the UMNO elected representatives in Terengganu and that too should be seen as an act of hypocrisy.In solemn advice to Hadi, Khairuddin suggested that Hadi should not make accusations such as hypocrites, enemies of God, Zionists and the like to gain political capital by attacking parties with different political ideologies.“Do politics peacefully and morally according to the Mature and Prosperous Political Culture (BPMS) which was approved by the PAS Shura Ulamak Council in 2016.“To the leadership of the 17 ulamas in the PAS Shura Ulamak Council (MSU), please rebuke the party president because the MSU was created to be a counterbalance to the power of the president and create leadership (by consensus) with the ulamas, not the leadership (based on an individual) who calls himself an ulama.” – Dec 10, 2023

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