UMNO Youth boss would have spewed so much hatred till a 68-year-old mechanic uncle threatens to shoot him

THIS is certainly not about condoning violence but who could blame this frail senior citizen mechanic from feeling so enraged with the defiant actions of UMNO Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh that he would – hypothetically – “put a bullet through him one fine day”.

Well, this encapsulates the arrest of an elderly man – a supposedly a car workshop owner in Bukit Duyong, Melaka – following a police report lodged by a pensioner over the death threat on the Merlimau state assemblyman.

The 62-year-old government retiree had claimed that the workshop owner had insulted and threatened the 36-year-old Dr Akmal over the heated Allah inscription on socks controversy which has rocked the nation over the past 10 days or so.

Melaka Tengah District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Christopher Patit said the police received a report from the complainant at 10.21am yesterday (March 26).

“On March 20 at about 3pm when the complainant was at a car workshop in Bukit Duyong, a man who is also the owner of the workshop was said to be dissatisfied with Dr Akmal on the KK Super Mart issue,” he pointed out in a statement issued last night (March 26).

Melaka Tengah District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Christopher Patit (Image credit: Polis Melaka Tengah Facebook)

“The suspect allegedly remarked that the UMNO Youth leader has spoken a lot especially on the KK Mart issue that ‘satu hari dia pasti kena tembak kasi mati’ (broken Malay which literally means one day he will definitely be shot to death).

“The complainant just remained silent and did not entertain the suspect. Unsatisfied with the threat, the complainant made a report at the Kandang Police Station this morning (March 26) in addition to being worried about Dr Akmal’s safety.”

This chain of events explains the Facebook post by Dr Akmal who is also the Melaka state EXCO in-charge of Rural Development, Agriculture and Food Security that he would personally lodge a police report at 5.30pm yesterday (March 26) to protect himself and his family over a death threat levelled at him.

Back to the mechanic uncle, Christopher said the police eventually arrested the suspect in the Kandang vicinity around 4pm yesterday (the same day the report was received).

“The investigating officer is seeking further information related to the case and the investigation is being conducted in accordance with Section 506 of the Penal Code (which is related to criminal intimidation). If convicted, the guilty party can be imprisoned for up to seven years or fined or both.”

However, the suspect was later released on police bail for health reasons. – March 27, 2024

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