Unrepentant Hadi to Muslims: “It is obligatory to vote to weed out the enemies of Islam”

AS the state polls draw closer, PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang has started upping his ante to paint the picture of Islam being in a precarious and potentially “dangerous” situation in Malaysia because non-Muslims have become the dominant political force in the country.

Having run down non-Malays/non-Muslims with seditious statements that the Malays were being “openly conned” by these people or that non-Muslims and non-Malays were the “biggest plunderers” in the country, the fanatic cleric now claims that Muslims are in vulnerable position for they are being ruled by non-Muslims.

“In a very dangerous situation where non-Muslims are also trying to gain power in the homeland of Islam, Muslim scholars insist that the duty to defend the rights of Muslims is a form of fardhu ain that is obligatory to every Muslim who is eligible to vote,” he penned in a recent Minda Presiden PAS (PAS President’s Insights) segment on his Facebook.

“In Malaysia, we are in the most dangerous situation because we are ruled by non-Muslim groups. This situation happens when we are divided until we are overpowered by a government dominated by non-Muslims because many Muslims choose not to vote.”

Earlier in his discourse, Hadi lamented that Malaysian Muslims have misunderstood the true teachings of Islam by thinking that it is not obligatory to vote especially when there is no text from the Quran on the matter or that voting was not a common practice during the time of the Prophet SAW.

PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang (left) and his Bersatu counterpart and Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

“They assume that the practice of democracy originated from the West, hence are not bothered to cast their vote without realising the consequences of their not voting,” rationalised the Marang MP.

“Suddenly, their actions resulted in the country being taken over by the enemy of Islam without them realising so as their enemies went out to vote through electoral process to seize control of the country. On the other hand, we (the Muslims) ended up biting our fingers in regret.”

As it is, Hadi continued to harp on the fact that the country is witnessing a mixed government made up of leaders who are non-believers in God or have low moral grounds such as prisoners, corruptors and fraudsters.

“This stems from abandoning the obligation to choose a leader who has solid faith and high moral values. Knowledge alone is not enough if you don’t have tafaqquh (deep religious knowledge), faith in God and high morals,” he pointed out.

“Unfortunately, those who cheated and were cheated were chosen, hence some of the electorate hated that and chose not to vote. They seem to have surrendered to the enemy in order for both parties be humiliated before being humiliated again in the thereafter for not fulfilling a great duty in Islam.” – June 15, 2023

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