Vegetory provides high-quality produce using vertical farming

FOOD traceability has become a growing concern among Malaysians in recent years and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the food that they consume.

Consumers are also beginning to pay closer attention to the production methods behind what they eat, specifically towards issues in sustainability.

With the aim to provide consumers with the most nutritious and high-quality produce, Vegetory is a Malaysian indoor vertical farm was established in 2017.

Vegetory strives to drive innovative and sustainable farming methods and to alleviate consumers’ concerns by producing premium crops that can keep families, and the environment, safe and healthy.

Attuned to the growing global industry of vertical farming, Vegetory is not only determined to provide consumers with crops of higher nutrition, but to also advance within Malaysia’s agrotech industry by leveraging on their comprehensive Research and Development (R&D).

With their R&D and modern innovations, Vegetory is positioned as a unique lifestyle brand within the Malaysian market that promotes the heart of farming through cutting-edge technology.

Vegetory’s indoor farm grows their crops hydroponically— a method that does not require dirt or soil but instead, allows for plants to grow in nutrient-rich water and crops are grown 100% free of pesticide, which ultimately benefits both the consumer and the environment.

Besides that, hydroponic farming can also conserve more water as compared to traditional farming methods. Furthermore, Vegetory uses seeds from only reliable companies that are committed to supplying clean, disease-free, and non-GMO seeds.

Vegetory’s outlet at Bangsar Shopping Centre


For traditional methods, the delivery of crops may commence weeks past its harvest. An integral part of Vegetory’s vision is to keep their produce fully traceable and to grow them closer to home to ensure the produce is picked and delivered at the peak of the plants’ freshness for optimum nutritional value.

“By growing these plants within the city, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint in our delivery journeys, on top of providing urban folks with the quality dining experience that is usually available only to farmers or rural-folk,” said co-founder of Vegetory Roy Liew.

Meanwhile, Vegetory’s vegetables – which is easy to prepare and can even be instantly consumed – is available through their in-store farm at Bangsar Shopping Center. Online deliveries are also available within the Puchong area for the convenience of consumers, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salad meal


Moving forward, Vegetory plans to launch a farm-to-table restaurant that comprises both an in-store farm and a cafe, located at Jalan Aman, Kuala Lumpur. This in-cafe farm, Mori, fuses both city and forest ambiences to provide a unique experience to visitors.

Additionally, Vegetory will also be introducing a range of healthy salad dressings in an array of exciting flavours that will be a fitting companion for any salad meal. – Jan 28, 2021


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