“Vehicles parked near road junctions must be towed away”

IT is common to see vehicles parked along yellow lines, more so at night in housing areas after residents have called it a day.  

Although illegal, it is acceptable – but not when they are obstructing traffic. 

Some vehicles are parked indiscriminately by drivers that have little regard for public safety. They could have parked safely a little further away but walking a short distance is too inconvenient. 

One such example is at the junction of Jalan Pria with Jalan Pertiwi in Kuala Lumpur. Motorists turning right at this T-junction have difficulty seeing vehicles coming from the left when the view is blocked. 

Many vehicles from the city centre pass through this junction. There are thousands of residents staying at the nearby Residensi Pandanmas 1 and 2, and many more around the area. 

Whenever a vehicle is parked at the left corner, drivers from Jalan Pria would have to drive to the middle of Jalan Pertiwi before they could see whether the road is clear. 

This has caused several road accidents and countless near misses.  

Ironically, the corner is used as a bus stop with a sign displaying the schedules for Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) feeder buses, forcing passengers to wait or disembark in the middle of the road. 

While other residents avoid parking at this corner, it has become the favourite spot for a driver to park his box van while not on delivery and for a stall operator to park his lorry while selling fruits on the opposite side of Jalan Pertiwi. – Sept 20, 2022 


CY Ming is a FocusM reader. 

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia. 


All pictures are credited to CY Ming.

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