“Very happy to cooperate”: Annuar tells all to MACC in Muhyiddin probe

FORMER UMNO leader Tan Sri Annuar Musa said he has already given his statement to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over his claim about Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairperson Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin financing UMNO for the Sabah state polls in 2020. 

In a press conference at the Muafakat Nasional (MN) headquarters in Damansara, Annuar said he was “very happy” to cooperate with the anti-graft body when they summoned him last week. 

“I already gave a statement to the MACC last week. I am actually very relieved because once again the slander is beyond my control,” the former Ketereh MP was reported as saying in a Malaysiakini report.  

“They said I went into the bedroom with piles of money, took millions and took the money everywhere…[they said] no wonder I am a strong supporter of Muhyiddin Yassin because Muhyiddin Yassin gave me money. 

“When the MACC called me to testify, I was very happy and I told the truth of what I had experienced. I say thank you and will continue to cooperate with the MACC, that is my responsibility.” 

In a video that went viral on social media on Nov 21, Annuar alleged that Muhyiddin, who is Bersatu president, had allocated huge sums of money to help UMNO in the Sabah election. 

“I flew to Sabah and met (Muhyiddin) myself. I entered his bedroom and told him UMNO didn’t have enough money and lacked funds. Muhyiddin (then) gave tens of millions of ringgit to help UMNO when in Sabah,” Annuar said in the video. 

He said, therefore, allegations that Muhyiddin wanted to “kill off UMNO” were false. 

In the Tiktok video, Annuar purportedly revealed that there were tens of millions of ringgit in Muhyiddin’s room when he met the Bersatu president. – Dec 15, 2022 


Main photo credit: The Vibes

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