Video of aggressive and violent badminton coach goes viral

HELL hath no fury like a badminton coach scorned? Netizens have been reacting to a TikTok video showing a badminton coach purportedly abusing his players by hurling plastic chairs at them.

The video has since been removed by account holder @mizan_rahman8 after it went viral but somehow the New Straits Times (NST) has been able to get a copy of the video from the mizan_rahman8.

The CCTV (close circuit television) footage supposedly taken from the Kajang United Badminton Club shows a man believed to be the club’s coach, Fung Seng, completely losing his cool with a couple of his charges.

The coach is seen hurling plastic chairs at a couple of his players before hitting them with the broken pieces.

Some netizens have said it is unfair to jump to conclusions based on a short video clip that is bereft of context. But @kreetik_r claimed the coach’s actions were par for the course, claiming to be his former student.

“He was my coach at Kajang (United Badminton Club). I used to train with him and I also went through the same torture. He should be arrested,” opined the netizen.

However, some have jumped to the coach’s defence and justified his unorthodox methods. User @jonnnathann had this to say:

“Just to clarify things, as one of his players, I will say that our attitudes were not very good at first. He has his methods and ways but in the end, we understand it’s for our own good,” explained the netizen.

“Some of you may call this extreme but deep down, we all love our coach. He has done many things for us (that) you all will never see. He made us the strongest badminton club in Malaysia.

Junior players of the Kajang United Badminton Club (Pic credit: Kajang United Badminton Club Facebook)

“I trained with him for over three years, I grew up as a man respecting and treating my parents (elders) with honour. He always taught us that. From a trouble-making boy to a grown man, he has been there throughout my journey.

“So please don’t judge and make assumptions based on a 20-second video.”

However, many netizens disagreed with the statement by @jonnnathann, arguing that under no circumstances should such alleged violent and abusive behaviour be tolerated.

Given the lack of context, it is hard to determine what caused the ruckus. Furthermore, the allegations of that the coach’s abusive behaviour is common is pure conjecture.

Should such behaviour be tolerated in the pursuit of sporting greatness? Is this an example of tough love that breeds strong characters?

Until more details emerge, it is hard to imagine why anyone would put up with such behaviour – tough love or otherwise. Meanwhile, the Youth and Sports Ministry or even the police for the matter have yet to investigate the matter and the coach in the video remains a free man. – Oct 9, 2023

Main pic credit: New Straits Times

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