Video of mysterious hair clumps in laksa getting close to 2 mil views

MALAYSIANS have always been fascinated by the supernatural and the unexplained. A recent Tik Tok video showing mystery clumps of hair appearing in a pot of laksa is testament to that fascination, garnering close to 2 million views.

In the video, a husband and wife team who operate a laksa stall show how clumps of hair mysteriously appear with more constant stirring.

Uploaded by user @syed.fatin.jaeden.haifa, the video shows a woman, Fatin Syazwani Ishak, 25, tending to a pot of boiling noodles and pointing to a clump of hair in it.

@syed.fatin.jaeden.haifaya Allah , wife menangis jadinya , takper , bukan rezeki , cuma penat sangat sebab pagi2 dah bangun mekapkan wife , dah lah x rehat sbb semalam event seharian , harini cadang niaga laksa sebab ramai nak sangat rindu nak makan laksa kitaorang , maafkan kami , kami x kuat dah … 😭😭😭 kami tinggalkan mee laksa kejap jer sebab mekapkan wife sambil2 tunggu mee laksa siap masak , alih2 tengok ni jadinya , 2 kali rebus tetap sama 😭 mimpi ke apa ni , tqqqq kepada yang buat kami camni

♬ original sound – Prince Syed Fatin Jaeden Haifa

“We had only left it so briefly,” said her husband, Syed Muhammad Shah Hasif Syed Othman, 31, who can be heard narrating the video. But as he points out, more hair seems to appear with each stir of the pot.

Syed also referred to a series of strange and bizarre incidences affecting their food business.

“Last Ramadan, I was running my business at the same stall, and everything was fine until four days before Eid when customers and family members told me that they couldn’t see my stall. The next day, I continued my business. But from noon to evening, no customers came, so eventually, I decided to wrap the food up and donate it to the mosque.”

Syed claimed that three containers of laksa broth were left untouched that day. He added that it would have normally been sold out in just one to one and a half hours.

The strange events didn’t end there; two weeks after Eid al-Fitr, when the stall was reopened, another ‘bizarre’ incident occurred.

“On the first day of business, the freshly cooked laksa broth went bad as soon as we arrived at the stall. It happened again, and that’s why my wife and I decided not to continue our business,” he said.

He has not placed the blame for these strange occurrences on anyone due to a lack of proof and has consulted Islamic medical practitioners.

“Since the incident, I’ve had several frightening dreams, and I’ve had a leg ailment that has required me to use a cane.

“My wife has also had bad dreams, but so far, she and our child are fine, and there are no health problems,” he added.

Most Malaysians will probably have their own version of such tales that would have left Fox Mulder and Dana Scully perplexed. This video will probably add to the local belief that dark forces can indeed be summoned and used against business rivals. – Oct 11, 2023


Main photo credit: TikTok

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