Viral sensation male model suffers backlash on social media about his looks

WHAT is it about social media and its ability to bring out the worst in people? A recent example involves male model Fahd Mohd Fauzi who is getting a lot of flak about his looks from netizens who really seem they have nothing better to do/say.

For context, the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) graduate went viral when a video of his convocation drew plenty of attention. Many were simply smitten by his chiselled features for which he received many offers from big companies to appear in their advertising.

But such is the nature of social media for the backlash is seemingly never far away.

A tweet from X (formerly Twitter) user @IbuPeri opined that the there were plenty of men sharing similar facial features as the 23-year-old model who are hanging out at popular entertainment spot TREC Kuala Lumpur (deemed Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur’s largest entertainment and food & beverage hangout).

This tweet that has amazingly garnered close to five million views and has further met with a barrage of negative comments questioning the appeal behind Fahd’s looks.

Thankfully there were enough netizens who jumped to the young model’s defence and lambasted the original poster for the snide comment with equally cruel replies.

User @hafizrightthere nailed it when he asked why all the negativity and that the lad should just be allowed to enjoy his existence and good fortune.


If ever there was an instance where the adage ‘if you have nothing good to say, say nothing’ applies, this would be it.

Good luck Fahd Mohd Fauzi. – Dec 11, 2023

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