Wake up your taste buds this fasting month at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

AS the fasting month arrives, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (TGCR) is back at it again, bringing the iconic Santapan 29 Malam Buffet dinner offering this Ramadhan.

Going on from April 13 to May 12 at the Palm Coffee House of the TGCR, the huge break fast spread features over 250 dishes with 20 stalls serving mouthwatering delicacies made fresh on the spot.

With such a vast selection of food and drinks available in one place, the TGCR is still strictly adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs) while delivering a cosy ‘kampung style’ experience.

“COVID-19 may have left a void among buffet-lovers but thanks to the ‘new normal-friendly’ concepts, we are bringing back out Santapan 29 Malam Buffet to satisfy buffet cravings while sticking to SOPs,” said TGCR managing director Peter Kuan.

The spread includes local side dishes like lemang cooked over wood fires and served with chicken rendang, roti canai and homemade bubur lambuk.

There are also delicacies such as roasted lamb and satay, various local soups (beef, quill, ‘gearbox’, etc) and many types of deep-fried food like cekodok pisang, cempedak and the like.

For those with more traditional tastebuds, there are options like asam laksa, patin tempoyak, apam balik, chicken rice and a vast selection of kuih muih.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, the spread also offers desert stalls with ice cream, ABC and cendol with a snacks section for the kids.

To add some spice in the mix, there is even a Thai stall this year, with specialties like the Yam Neua beef salad, Tom Yam Gai, Som Tam Thai and many more.

For reservations on the Santapan 29 Malam buffet dinner, feel free to contact the management team at +603 7804 1919 / 1800 88 8128 or email them at [email protected]. – April 14, 2021

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