Was it a graduation ceremony or snooze fest?

A VIDEO of Deputy Works Minister Datuk Eddin Syazlee Shith, who appeared to be asleep in his chair on stage at a tahfiz graduation event in Seremban, has gone viral recently.

In the one-minute video of the incident, two individuals on stage had attempted (and failed) to wake Eddin before the deputy minister’s bodyguard went up on stage and managed to rouse him.

Eddin’s official Twitter account commented with a short statement explaining that on the day the video was taken, the deputy minister had been unwell but still insisted on attending the school event. However, it did not indicate why he was feeling under the weather.

The tweet went on to say that the Kuala Pilah MP had donated an unspecified amount of money to the school, Sekolah Menengah Agama Sains Kuala Pilah, so that it can afford a new bus and air-conditioners for the school hall.

The same was reportedly said by Eddin Syazlee’s special officer Farahiah Zubir, who also came forward to apologise on the latter’s behalf. She explained to Bernama that the deputy minister had taken some medication before attending the event.

Well, another day and another minister making headlines for the wrong reason. Malaysian politicians are notorious for being on the news for the strangest of reasons, but this certainly takes the cake!

While it is quite normal for one to be tired from a busy schedule and to doze off while in the middle of something important, it is simply just distasteful if that person was a minister, and especially if the incident was caught on video for all and sundry to see.

Eddin’s dedication to his job is commendable, but he should have just stayed as home if he was unwell. This is not only to recuperate but to avoid spreading the illness to other people, regardless while wearing a face shield or not.

Even if it turns out to be a mild illness, soldiering on and going to work is not the answer – especially with a pandemic going on, no less. – April 15, 2021

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